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UKS Centrum

Student Sports Club "Centrum" was entered into the register of student sports clubs of the Mayor of the City of Lodz, kept by the Sports Department of the City of Lodz Office on January 15, 2007. Trainings take place in CZP 3, where the club is also located. The president of the club is Ewa Ambroszczyk.

The statutory tasks of UKS "Centrum" include:

-  planning and organizing extracurricular sports life

- participation in sports events

- organizing sports activities

-  organizing sports activities with particular emphasis on health functions

- organizing various forms of sports competition for students, with the participation of sports associations

- organizing sports training camps and holiday camps

- shaping positive character and personality traits by participating in the implementation of the Club's sports tasks

The players of UKS "Centrum" take part in national, provincial and international competitions.

Every year, members of the club go to a sports and recreation camp organized by the Lodz Karate Club - Shotokan, bringing together student sports clubs from the region. The camps are held in attractive tourist destinations such as Wągrowiec, Rowy, Bartkowa.

The club regularly organizes karate shows in nearby schools, community centers and in CZP 3.

The activity of UKS "Centrum" complements the didactic nature of karate classes in CZP 3 with a sports dimension in the sphere of structure and organization. It raises the importance of classes in the eyes of the youngest participants, who, showing their club ID, proudly say that they are real athletes!