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Guitar lessons


Classes are in small groups, which allows individual work with each participant. The teaching system takes into account every level of advancement and student's preferences, from guitar accompaniment to songs, through classical playing, elements of electric guitar technique, to the basics of blues and jazz improvisation. You can also learn to play the bass guitar and warr guitar.

We invite children and teenagers from 9 years old to learn to play the guitar. Classes are conducted by Przemysław Pogocki and Tomasz Maryniak.


The guitar is more than an instrument. Its huge popularity makes it a phenomenon - a symbol of poetry, freedom, rebellion, youth....

This phenomenon cannot be explained, but a number of advantages of this instrument can be cited in a few words:

The guitar can perform both Bach polyphony and popular "bonfire" songs, classic sonatinas and rock music. In any case, the guitar sounds natural and fresh.

There are many guitar schools. The regularity of exercises is the basis, but the guitar breaks with the stereotype of tedious practice, and the student can choose his own style.

The guitar can accompany its owner everywhere and does not need complicated maintenance procedures, and the popular "box" can be purchased at a very good price!