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Pedagogical therapy

Therapy for children with difficulties in learning to read and write (dyslexia, dysgraphia).
Therapy for children with spelling difficulties (dysorthography).

The aim of the classes is to eliminate or reduce the causes of learning failure. Work during the classes consists in individual therapeutic impact on each child depending on the identified difficulties

Classes are conducted by Beata Detmer.

Pupils with specific learning disabilities who cannot meet the curricular requirements of a given grade are referred to as children with special educational needs. They need pedagogical help in the form of specially developed curricula adapted to their abilities and limitations, as well as additional psychological and pedagogical help.

The legal basis for organizing psychological and pedagogical assistance in educational institutions is the Regulation of the Minister of National Education of 15 January 2001 on the provision and organization of psychological and pedagogical assistance in public kindergartens, schools and institutions.