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KONTRA Modern Dance Group


Modern dance is an art inspired by e.g. Native American and African folklore, whose roots are also in the tradition of European classical ballet. Modern dance leaves the dancer free to invent and create movement. Modern dance classes develop a sense of rhythm, allow you to better feel the possibilities of your body, improve coordination and stimulate psychomotor development.

The band "KONTRA"  has existed since 2009. He won the hearts of the audience and won the recognition of the jury at such festivals as Aleksandrowska Spring 2010 or the Provincial Artistic Review of Out-of-School Work Centers "Confrontations 2011".

"KONTRA" invites children from the age of 9 to its ranks. Classes are held in a room with mirrors and a handrail for exercise. The team was created and led by Beata Budzewska.

Dance, due to its inseparable relationship with music, is of great importance in raising the musicality and rhythmicity of performers. And so, music, due to its very wide range of various properties, is not only a factor that makes the performance of a given movement more pleasant, making the way it is performed more attractive, but also helps to convey the proper emotional character of a given dance. Therefore, it contributes to raising the sensitivity of children participating in dance classes to the beauty of movement, but also enriches them with additional experiences and aesthetic experiences.

Participation in dance classes develops a sense of camaraderie in children, tolerance towards less talented colleagues. Bold and talented children should be used by the teacher to help the weaker ones who, in direct contact with musical and skillful children, more quickly complete their deficiencies.