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Song Studio


The Song Studio classes provide professional singing lessons, with an emphasis on such elements as:
- voice emission
- interpretation
- work with the microphone
- preparation for singing competitions

Participants regularly win prizes in vocal competitions at the provincial and national level.

Classes are held individually or in small groups. The song studio invites children and teenagers from the age of 12.

The classes are conducted by Elżbieta Kozowicz-Sobczak.



The human voice is a very subtle instrument, but it can produce a whole palette of sounds.

Before learning to sing begins (extending the vocal range, equalizing registers, intonation, timbre, dynamics, musical articulation, vibration, phrasing, musical interpretation, etc.), it is necessary to capture, often only on the basis of timbre, all emission errors, indicate what is the cause and work on their correction. The basis for the work on acquiring vocal skills is regularity and consistency.