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INDIGO art studio


Art classes provide a wide range of opportunities to develop interests and talents. The performed exercises help to shape the appropriate features in the child's psyche, such as sensitivity to beauty, imagination, visual memory, ingenuity, patience and manual dexterity.

Participants of the classes will learn the basic areas of fine arts: drawing, painting, sculpting, performing exercises in combined, reflected and duplicated techniques.

Children's works successfully take part in competitions organized at the provincial and national level, such as the Interschool Literary and Art Competition "Portrait of Mom Painted with Word" or "Me and my dog".

Young artists present their works in the Orange Gallery. We invite children and teenagers aged 5 to 16 to the studio. Classes are conducted by Ewa Chłod.

In order to shape sensitivity to beauty, to develop aesthetic taste, a child should be prepared in this direction from early childhood.

Visual arts have a great influence on the process of shaping personality and an open attitude towards people and the world. They are based on various art tasks that give the child joy by watching, touching, manipulating and acting. Through art exercises, the child shows feelings, expresses himself, his personality. It develops imagination, ingenuity, and also acquires the ability to deal with tools and materials of its choice, and thus a selected artistic task.

The child's expression is spontaneous and results directly from his experiences, observations that trigger imagination or fantasy. The playful form of work encourages children to participate in classes, while giving a lot of joy and satisfaction.

A child participating in classes calms down negative emotions and actively engages in their work