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Karate section


The classes use old Japanese techniques and modern training methods.

For children, we offer classes that combine traditional karate training with comprehensive general development exercises, which results in rapid development in karate, as well as in other sports.

The training program also includes self-defence based on karate techniques and elements of other martial arts.

Participants of the karate section classes also become members of the CENTRUM Student Sports Club, thanks to which they can regularly participate in competitions.

Trainings are conducted by: Ewa Lewandowska and Joanna Kluska.


The implementation of the karate program is to bring health results not only in the field of physical health, but also to draw attention to the important aspects of mental health.

The spiritual development of karate is the ultimate goal. The goals of karate are closely related to the Zen philosophy, which aims at self-liberation, i.e. reaching the state of superconsciousness.

The philosophical superstructure is an element that distinguishes karate from other sports disciplines, it goes beyond learning martial arts, becoming a method of shaping personality. Karate contributes to the development of goal-scoring skills. Students work to improve their skills as best they can, consistently strive for perfection and thus have a better chance of shaping this feature of their personality.

It is clearly an individual sport, but it can fulfill a child's need to belong. The sense of belonging to a group practicing martial arts is a protection against engaging in negative activities.

Such a spiritual martial art can function as an educational system shaping young people, instilling in them socially desirable features, habits and values. Along with the spiritual attitude, there is a beneficial physical development, which, stimulated by a set of various stimuli, gives the desired effect of harmony.

It is a process that must continue throughout life

- "Karate ni sente nashi" -

[Karate is not an art of aggression]