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KRZYŚ Chess School


Playing chess is not an ordinary idle pastime. Some of the valuable qualities of the mind necessary for human life are needed for this game, and they become so strong in it that they become a habit that is beneficial in many circumstances of life. Life is a kind of chess game, in which we often have the opportunity to win and fight with competitors and opponents, in which there is a large variety of good and bad events that are to some extent the result of reason, or lack thereof (...) Playing chess, we acquire the habit of not falling down spirit in matters, counting on a favorable improvement of circumstances and persistently continuing the search for new opportunities. The game is so full of various situations subject to unexpected variations of the system, that it develops the ability to find ways out of seemingly insurmountable problems, and everyone tries to carry on the game to the very end in the hope of winning, thanks to skill, in the last resort, thanks to the carelessness of the partner. Every man will admit that in the game of chess we see an example of how even a modest success can increase self-confidence, and inattention lead to losses; it teaches us not to lose heart in the face of the adversary's advantage, and not to give up the chances of winning against those hard blows that we may receive in the pursuit of success." Benjamin Franklin

Chess develops:

the ability to think logically and creatively,
math skills,
memory and concentration,
visual and spatial imagination,
positive personality traits (teach regularity, responsibility, humility, respect for others).
Classes are conducted by:
Krzysztof Żurkiewicz, member of the Lodz Chess Association