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Classes are conducted for adults and teenagers. The exercise program is adapted to the needs and abilities of the participants.
The scope of the proposed exercises includes such issues as:
stretching, aerobics, TBC, strength exercises, stretching, strengthening, breathing, relaxation and exercises on available devices.


The latest research confirms the thesis about the extension of human life in the 21st century. In order for the length of life to be accompanied by the quality and joy of this fact, psychosomatics should be taken care of in a holistic approach.

Classes in our facility offer a wide range of various exercises, both individually tailored to the expectations and needs, exercises on devices and trainers that meet the many needs of people who want to take advantage of our rich offer.

In CZP No. 3, both people practicing competitive sports and those who practice recreational sports, as well as a large number of people who have just made a decision important for their psychosomatic development to start strictly recreational gymnastics - will find here the opportunity to improve their condition, body statics, its proportions and adapt weight to a satisfactory BMI range.