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Film studio

The film studio invites you to an unforgettable adventure with the exciting world of film!

Films, reports, music videos, commercials accompany us at every step; in cinemas, on TV, on the Internet, on telephones. It is an inseparable element of today's reality. Funny comedies, suspenseful thrillers, scary horrors, colorful animations, magical fantasy, reality documentaries are just a small part of the film productions whose rich offer means that everyone will find something for themselves. If you like to create and invent your own stories, or if you like appearing in front of the camera or if you feel good as a spectator - these classes are just for you!

You will learn how the biggest Hollywood productions were created and who is behind them, where to get ideas and inspiration, what is slow, fast motion or dubbing, how to be good
director, actor and viewer. You will learn the most important elements of a film work, the fascinating world of Youtubers, backstage curiosities, various audiovisual forms, puzzles, film equipment and tools. You will learn how to shoot and edit films, music videos and commercials, create special effects from computer acrobatics to simple tricks to be used on every occasion, create scenography, scripts, overcome your own fears, stage fright and draw on the unbridled layers of your own imagination.
And all this in a creative and friendly atmosphere.