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Hedgehog Day

Did you know that on November 10 we celebrate Hedgehog Day? These amusing creatures not only make us feel happy with their stomping and rummaging through the leaves, but also help us in the garden - they deal with pests. We can easily return the favor - offer water, set aside a place in the garden where we leave a pile of leaves where the hedgehogs can sleep for the winter, and feed them, but not with milk, as the information often wrongly suggests, but meat food for cats will work well. In extreme situations, the Jeżurkowo Rehabilitation Center comes to the rescue. To celebrate the holiday of our little friends, we would like to encourage you to support the center's activities. Every penny counts so that the organization can continue to help small and large hedgehogs recover 😊
Payments can be made to the account number: 74 2490 0005 0000 4530 1141 9918
So, will you help?
Here we can see which patients are currently in the center:
Come visit us on Friday to receive your hedgehog friend diploma!